Amaris Consulting and Apple's partnership: here to transform your enterprise mobility practice

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Recent years have taught us that work environments are adaptable, and that digital and flexible working methods are the future. The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend opened the door to this evolution, but Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) took it to the next level.

Enterprise Mobility Management enables workers to be more productive without the constraints of an office. After the arrival of the first iPhone in 2007, organizations embraced flexible policies, turning to EMM as a secure solution for their corporate data management, following the BYOD pitfall. With EMM, enterprises can increase access to digital assets while maintaining proprietary control.

Apple devices, the epitome of modern mobility, have been key in developing new standards of flexibility and safety. The investment in both enterprise and education led the company to enhanced solutions for teachers, students, parents, and IT admins at the same time. Amaris Consulting stands by their side through a solid partnership and supports leading organizations to enhance their Apple practice by deploying, managing, and securing their devices to foster optimal setup and reach appropriate confidentiality levels.

Our mission is to optimize your enterprise mobility practice to scale easily, through training, integration, and support.

Our partnership with Apple

In 2017 Amaris Consulting and Apple decided to bring together their cumulative experience of over 30 years in technology into a partnership.

Amaris has been working closely with technology providers and customers across industries from banking to luxury, retail, and education for more than 10 years, and Apple has been providing cutting edge technology in enterprise mobility management for over 20 years. These skills allowed us to create a better experience for the user. By employing the newest Apple devices and Amaris’ visionary service management, clients get a full option package.

The benefits of working with an Apple Consultant Network & Professional Services Partner are:

  • The ability to support clients with any Apple device
  • We are recognized in multiple countries such as France, Canada, and Switzerland
  • Worldwide locations & delivery
  • We are nimble and adapt to customer needs.

With a team of dedicated experts, we are ready to help you optimize your Apple device management and provide support to maintain effective usage throughout products’ lifecycle.


Amaris and Apple's modern device management offers for education and enterprise

Our partnership supports education

The world changes through education. David K Cohen and Deborah Loewenberg Ball, education researchers at the University of Michigan, argued that “what matters most to improve learning is the interactions among educators and learners around educational materials”. 

Providing the right materials for students and teachers alike is one of the struggles that our century faces. Online schooling has taken over academic and pre-college education, hence the need for appropriate devices. Apple, through its products, brings innovative solutions to this issue.  Through our partnership, Amaris Consulting supports schools worldwide by:

  • Enabling remote learning
  • Guaranteeing a unique user experience
  • Delivering on site optimal configuration for multi specialization students
  • Automating working labs for each specialization

Ensuring the necessary support so that schools around the world can embrace a more digitalized educational environment is one of our main priorities. Whether you are a teacher, a student or a parent, we have the right solution for your needs.

Partners for enterprise solutions

In the past 5 to 10 years there has been a trend towards implementing Apple products throughout an organization’s ecosystem, thus the need for a support team arises. Enterprises face the challenge of having to increase their staff overnight to be able to sustain a restructuring of this scale.

 This is where Amaris comes in. Though our partnership, we can maintain the level of support needed with the appropriate team, who is then able to secure all the necessary requirements.

Organizations need to ensure security while creating unique user experiences, as well as simultaneously reducing costs. By implementing enterprise mobility management into the ecosystem, not only does it provide the aligned features necessary for a speedy collaboration between coworkers and implementation of apps within a safe environment, but it also helps save on staff and deliverables.

With our solutions, Amaris can offer your teams the devices they want and your students the devices they love from procurement to end-of- life:

Enterprise offer

  • Audit
  • Architecture and Build
  • MDM Migration
  • Training
  • Support
  • Reseller

Education offer

  • Audit
  • Lab Configuration
  • iPads Mass Configuration and Delpoyment
  • Support
  • Training

Clients of Apple systems often face the challenge of integrating their devices into the ecosystem. Amaris Consulting has the means to make the process smooth and fast without the hassle of having to manage several apps.  Choosing our offers gives your business the support it’s been looking for.

Get the best out of your Apple devices by creating outstanding user experiences while keeping your devices and data secure. Are you ready to bring your organization to the next stage and maximize your investment in enterprise and education? Contact us today for an enhanced experience.