A unique cloud platform approach with OVH and Amaris Consulting

A unique cloud platform approach with OVH and Amaris Consulting

OVH Amaris Consulting Partnership

Although the cloud has been around for quite a while, it has never been as vital for businesses as it is today. Amaris Consulting and OVH partnered to create a better cloud experience for our clients and their businesses. As partners, we work together to ensure that our clients’ data remains secure at all times.

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The importance of data in our daily business makes it increasingly vital for businesses to own their own storage platforms. Data sensitivity remains a priority for OVH, it led to the creation of their cloud platform. The OVH Cloud Platform offers complete and customizable data solutions. Amaris’ consultants are here to provide clients with OVH product guidance and support.

Benefits of the Amaris and OVH partnership

Work with European cloud leaders

Domain ownership

Scalable management of artificial intelligence in compliance with GDPR rules

Independence from any server builder

The evolution of the cloud is interrelated to AI. This is visible, for instance, with Google Search and Instagram filters and can also be found in the cloud. Cloud trends tend to occur by leveraging other technologies: these innovative collaborations require – more than ever – an adaptive cloud mindset.

OVH and Amaris Consulting's partnership

What we offer through this partnership is a one-of-a-kind solution with services such as: 

Our offers

  • OVH Cloud Center of Excellence
  • Strategic recruitment in advance of our clients’ consulting needs
  • Customized delivery mode
  • Experts at your disposal
  • Feedback from our customers’ successes
  • Complete offers from assessment to run mode

The OVH Cloud provides businesses with different options: Bare Metal Cloud, Hosted Private Cloud, Public Cloud and Web Cloud. With such diverse offerings, Amaris is excited to start this new journey with OVH. Their open environment policy aligns well with our values of trust, performance and boldness.

As the cloud gains ground in multiple directions, the shift from traditional data storage to the cloud will become more apparent and important. Our partnership with OVH gives our clients the edge they need to pursue cloud solutions tailored to their needs. 

If you are still uncertain whether a unique cloud platform approach is the right way forward, get in touch and we can help you build a customized business plan. Our team of experts will provide the support you need before, during and after project development.