Amaris Consulting and Odoo partnership: the all-in-one open-source ERP solution

Amaris Consulting and Odoo partnership: the all-in-one open-source ERP solution

Odoo Amaris Consulting Ready Partner

Amaris Consulting and Odoo have come together to deploy an open-source ERP solution for companies of all sizes. Odoo provides the only platform you’ll need to run your business with apps that are integrated, easy to use and loved by millions of users. 

With thousands of applications available, there will always be an answer to your business needs thanks to a unique, cost-effective and modular solution. Having different technologies that cooperate is no longer an issue.

Odoo applications are seamlessly integrated with each other, allowing you to fully automate your processes, save money and time. 

To find out how Odoo can be deployed for your organization, contact us today!

Our partnership with Odoo

We joined forces because we both believe in making every workplace better for everyone. As Ready partners of Odoo since 2018, our ERP experts excel at guiding clients through the implementation process. 

Our ERP software offering provides a wide range of benefits to businesses, including:

• Seamless integrations

• Cost efficiency 

• Modular solutions

• Access to certified experts

• All-in-one solution for all your needs

• The possibility of fully automating your business

The combination of Odoo’s solutions with Amaris Consulting’s expertise allows businesses to receive much-needed support and guidance through an otherwise arduous process.

Amaris Consulting and Odoo ERP offers

When it comes to setting up an ERP, there are several steps which need to be taken to ensure a successful implementation. We can be at your side, helping you along the way. 

We provide our clients with the following offers:

Our offers

  • Apps for finance
  • Apps for sales
  • Apps for websites
  • Apps for inventory and MRP
  • Apps for human resources
  • Apps for marketing
  • Apps for services
  • Apps for productivity
  • System integrations
  • Designing and crafting collaborative experiences

All these apps are designed in the Odoo studio and are stored in the Odoo cloud platform. Amaris Consulting’s certified ERP experts provide support and knowledge to improve the quality of the apps and enhance risk oversight. 

How can apps improve the future of your business? We currently live in a world where our devices overflow with apps: we are relying on them more and more as they become increasingly credible and dependable. The pandemic has strengthened this reliance exponentially, as many in-person services and processes have been adapted for remote delivery. This cultural shift means that for businesses to stay relevant they need to level up, and with the help of software, become adaptable. 

If you are still uncertain whether Odoo’s unique ERP platform is the right way forward for you, contact us today and we can help you build a customized business plan. Our team of experts will provide the support you need before, during and after project development.