Amaris Consulting and Tricentis partnership

Amaris Consulting and Tricentis: accelerating digital transformation through a first-rate continuous testing platform

Tricentis Partnership

Tricentis offers a fundamentally different way to tackle software testing; dramatically accelerating digital transformation in agile and DevOps environments, application delivery, and cloud migration. Their continuous testing approach is entirely automated, fully codeless, and intelligently driven by AI. 

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Our partnership with Tricentis

We joined forces with Tricentis because we wanted to provide fast and agile software testing to our clients through a first-rate continuous testing platform. 

Through our silver partnership with Tricentis, we help our clients accelerate their release cycles. By leveraging AI and cloud efficiencies, we speed up software delivery – reducing test cycle times by 10x.

In addition, the Tricentis platform enables you to automate and reduce your costs. The automation rates of over 90 percent enable a 40 percent cost reduction and, more importantly, manual errors can be avoided. This will allow your talent community to focus on higher value tasks, which may generate additional revenue and accelerate your digital transformation.

With our combined expertise, we can help you achieve high-quality software. Through the continuous testing platform, you can boost release confidence and obtain business risk coverage of over 90 percent.

Amaris Consulting and Tricentis’ offers

We help our clients achieve faster release cycles, lower their costs, and improve their software quality by leveraging multiple Tricentis solutions. These include Tosca, qTest, NeoLoad, Data Integrity, LiveCompare, Vera, Testim, and Test Automation.

Tricentis’ real-time enterprise test automation solution, Tosca, and test management solution, qTest, enable clients to speed up their software delivery in challenging and fast-paced agile and DevOps environments. 

Our Offers

  • Consultation and implementation of Tricentis solutions
  • Providing licenses
  • QAaaS Service
  • Training

If you are still uncertain whether Tricentis’ continuous testing platform is the best way forward, get in touch and we can help you build a customized business plan. Our team of experts will provide the support you need before, during and after project development.