Amaris Consulting and Jamf: leading the way for Apple Enterprise Management

Amaris Consulting and Jamf: leading the way for Apple Enterprise Management

Integrator JAMF
Reseller JAMF

Jamf is the leading Apple Enterprise Management solution. Apple’s products integrate seamlessly with Jamf’s platform, enabling any device to be preconfigured or customized to meet specific role or company requirements. It is the only enterprise management solution that can automate the entire lifecycle of Apple at scale. 

With Jamf, the IT department can access inventory information, device status, and unusual security activity dashboards – all in real time. Jamf is compliant with the latest security and data privacy laws and regulations.

Our partnership with Jamf

Amaris Consulting partnered with Jamf in 2018 to offer its clients a more holistic solution. Together, we offer the best Apple integration. Thanks to Amaris Consulting’s device management expertise, we provide solutions tailored to organizational needs.

Amaris Consulting is a Jamf Certified Integrator, Jamf Reseller, and Jamf Services Provider. We offer a full spectrum of integration solutions as part of our Modern Device Management expertise.

Benefits for your industry

Jamf for Business – improve business operations and empower your people:

  • Data is more accurate, timely and succinct: increasing project efficiency 
  • Improvement in management of device fleets
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Relieves administrative burden of managing Apple devices and frees up time to focus on higher value tasks 

Jamf for education:  

  • Both students and teachers can track progress and review feedback together
  • Parents can track the progress of their children

Jamf for healthcare: 

  • Patients and healthcare providers can view their appointments in real time
  • Saves critical time in decision-making

Our offers

Integrating Jamf’s solutions with Amaris Consulting’s long-term expertise in Modern Device Management provides your organization with many possibilities:

Device & app management

  • Application lifecycle management
  • Inventory management
  • Device management

Identity & access

  • Zero-touch deployment
  • Identity-based access
  • Self service

Security & privacy

  • Security management
  • Threat prevention and remediation
  • Visibility and compliance

With 10+ certified experts, we offer support to businesses in a wide range of industries: from transportation and retail to consumer goods. Amaris Consulting can offer users ‘device as a choice’, which allows your people to choose the type of device they feel most comfortable working with. 

Device management integration is an important feature in the future of work and education. In hybrid education and work contexts, it brings security to operating systems, and allows users to collaborate and manage projects remotely. 

Having access to the right data at the right time through Jamf dashboards enables businesses and IT departments to act in unison: increasing revenue opportunities and reducing costs and risks while achieving compliance and improving business agility.

To find out if Jamf is the best fit for your organization, contact us today for a customized device integration offer.