Assessing feature use and workflows to revamp an app’s UX/UI

How Amaris Consulting supports a leading mobility solutions supplier to revamp an app’s UX/UI


Our client

Our client is a leading mobility solutions supplier dedicated to the parking sector.


Our client was looking to assess the functionality of multiple features and services alongside the parking booking component of its app. The company was determined to reach a better understanding of its end user app experience. They also wanted to ensure a seamless user experience from browsing options to inputting personal information.

During this audit, the company noticed that some of its features and services were not being used as expected. End user simulations and tests were required to clarify the reason for these unexpected results.

The client reached out to Amaris Consulting experts in order to identify the functionalities and services that were not being accessed properly by the final users. They were also seeking to locate any points of failure in the app, that is, any flaws which could cause user malfunction.

The project

Amaris Consulting (User Experience & User Interface) teams and its client’s people developed a strategy which outlined how end user tests would be run.

The first step was to define the user typology. This was necessary to guarantee that the testers would match the app’s target audience (age range, lifestyle, car usage, tech proficiency, etc.)

The next step was to consider how the tests would be presented. Consideration was given on whether to run the tests in-person or remotely. There was also a decision to be made regarding the guidelines that should be given to the users on how to use the app, if they should be guided or if a middle ground was possible.

Amaris Consulting experts completed a full analysis of the app from a business perspective using previous users’ workflows. This analysis enabled our experts to work with our client to define a list of objectives to be tested – and to create a  guide for users to follow during the tests.

Amaris Consulting provided all the infrastructure (UX lab, equipment, camera, etc.) and logistics (recruitment, planning, onboarding, etc.) required for these tests.

The use of our UX lab allowed for an in-depth analysis of the app UX because we were able to record the users while they performed tasks on the app. Video playback enabled a better understanding of the users’ app experience.

Client benefits

Based on the testing session results, Amaris Consulting’s UX/UI experts were able to present evidence, analytical figures and a qualitative analysis on the state of the app.

Amaris Consulting provided a final report which included all research findings and assessments. We also offered our client the video recordings of the test sessions and the legal documentation to ensure the smooth implementation of the recommended UX/UI adjustments.

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