Re-defining Espace Plaisir’s brand image

How Amaris Consulting supports Espace Plaisir in generating conversation among users while enhancing the user experience

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How Amaris Consulting supports Espace Plaisir in generating conversation among users while enhancing the user experience


Espace Plaisir, active since 2010, is an online shop specializing in the sale of adult products.​

This B2C online retailer attaches great value to their customers’ user experience, always striving to enhance it by modernizing its online platform. ​

Espace Plaisir are keen to move away from traditional love shop clichés (places where ordinary customers hesitate to be seen, selling products reserved for a niche audience and often of poor quality).  ​

In order to modernize its identity and showcase the uniqueness of its brand in a market sometimes perceived unfavourably, Espace Plaisir embarked on an overhaul of its online user experience. ​

At the time, its online portal was not optimized for mobile, resulting in complex navigation with obvious repercussions on sales. ​

The brand identified two major areas to work on: the website architecture itself and the user experience across all modules and web pages.

Enhancing the user experience while creating conversation

Espace Plaisir needed to deliver an enhanced user experience in order to increase customer loyalty. ​

They also wanted to showcase their products in an innovative way to generate trust both in terms of the products themselves, and of the online platform.​

Last but not least, they also wanted to start a conversation with their user community.

​A customer-oriented solution

Bringing together all the different aspects of this project (strategy, image and functionality), Mantu’s priority was focusing on the end-user. We started by analyzing the types of users on the existing platform in order to redefine user needs and optimize user experience for the new one.​

Amaris reached out to Espace Plaisir’s customers to assess website usability and identify where the UX became degraded. Mantu’s digital marketing consultants then analyzed customer behavior data from multiple sources.​

As a result, it was decided to adopt a mobile-first approach: mobiles and tablets represent an increasing share of online traffic, with desktop currently accounting for 48.7% of all traffic. By 2021, 61% of global internet traffic is expected to come from mobile devices.

We also revisited the brand’s digital identity, getting inspiration from other sectors such as luxury and fashion. The aim was to create a more disruptive visual identity that would set Espace Plaisir apart from its competitors.

​A 4 step project to upgrade the client experience

Customer understanding:

  • Website usability assessment
  • Customer experience analysis and insight gathering
  • Customer mapping

Brand identity:

  • Redefining brand identity towards premium identity
  • Sketching new layouts of the online boutique

Digital developments ( Design thinking and Agile)

  • Creation of modern and intuitive UX / UI
  • Mobile first approach development
  • Complete overhaul of the conversion funnel
  • Creation of an online conversational tool for users


  • Testing
  • New website delivery

The results

Your website represents your brand and its values. A professional and engaging website sends the message that your company is open for business and is ready to fulfil the needs of your customers.

Your website should evolve and grow as your company does, reflecting your corporate identity and appealing to your target audience. ​

Espace Plaisir now boasts a revitalized brand image with a modern and intuitive design that sets it apart from its competitors.​

Moreover, the new site structure and mobile-optimized UX/UI radically improve site usability and simplify navigation, resulting in an enhanced customer journey.​

The upgraded online purchasing funnel enables Espace Plaisir to benefit from  higher conversion rates and attain higher monthly sales. ​

“We reached out to Amaris Consulting to enhance user experience and create a conversation between our clients. Our website’s UX/UI was also aging.

Our site wasn’t built as mobile responsive, but most of our traffic was going through mobile. We also wanted to re-define our website’s product page, home page and categories.

We worked closely with Amaris Consulting and Pixel Alliance, brands of the Mantu group. Their experts proved their agility throughout the project.

The overall result was very satisfying as our e-commerce boutique was generally enhanced, as UX/UI and design received a great boost.

We decided to continue the collaboration with a conversation path re-design, which increased our conversation rates. In the end, we moved up on SEO ranking”

— Maxime Blin, CEO & Co-founder at Belisoft SA