Your Banking and Insurance Experts

Ten years after the global financial crisis, the banking and insurance industry now faces a new challenge in the form of digital technology and innovation. Continuous development, a dedication to innovation, and an effective technology partner have become crucial for financial services organizations.

Cyber security threats are constantly evolving and are considered the top risk for FS organizations. Amaris’ global presence and extensive ecosystem of banking and financial experts means we are ideally placed to offer tailored solutions for your organization.

With over 7500 talents from 100+ nationalities, and a global presence in over 60 countries, we offer our clients unparalleled access to the latest sector innovations while maintaining a laser focus on compliance and security.


A Key Partner

As a key partner for our clients in Financial services, our teams are intervening in different areas. We are developing services and solutions for our clients, involving experts from our different business lines. This includes in particular:


We offer the digitalization of processes, applications for clients working on mobile services, as well as internalizing the digitalization process. We support mobile banking and development across Android and iOS.

Big data

Providing safety and security services as well as maintaining regulatory compliance, we can leverage our clients’ big data to unlock increased revenues, lead generation and behavioral/performance analytics.

Cyber security

Incident response and remediation services are complimented by our advanced threat investigations to find the root issue and avoid any repeat instances. Our protective monitoring services, threat vulnerability & risk assessment, and secure systems engineering are designed to stop risks before they become a threat. Compliance is at the heart of all our cyber security strategies.


Amaris’ block chain solutions can provide a significantly less costly alternative to traditional ledger technology, with automatic remittance and a virtual presence. This incorruptible ledger tech will revolutionize the way transactions are recorded.

Robotic Process Automation

RPA is a robust way to automate high-volume routine activities in any area of your company, allowing humans to focus on high added-value activities rather than manual tasks. As well as improving process efficiency, reducing costs, and increasing ROI, RPA creates a full audit trail. Implementation of RPA is also shorter than traditional integration efforts.

Amaris Consulting offers technical expertise and solutions across a full spectrum of Financial services.