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It was once said in the 1990s that “telecom is living in a never-ending (r)evolution”. This phrase is perhaps even more true today; change is going further and happening faster than before.

The latest revolution is 5G technology, the fifth generation of wireless networks. It promises a stunning variety of apps and fixed or mobile innovative services at speeds of Gbit/sec., all with low latency, since network reaction time will now be counted in one-digit milliseconds. 5G will have capacity to serve millions of users and billions of machines, effectively introducing a new worldwide standard.

The transition to 5G is expected to generate a windfall for network, infrastructure, and equipment vendors. Gartner predicts that worldwide 5G network infrastructure revenues will reach $4.2 billion in 2020, recording year-over-year growth of 89 percent.

A similar effort to enhance wired connections in homes and offices by laying fiber optic networks is taking place in most OECD countries. The result will be to enable broadband internet at Gbit/sec rate across all geographies.

At Amaris, we offer an integrated approach to our clients’ challenges. With more than 6350 talents, 95+ nationalities, and a presence in over 60 countries, Amaris Consulting is the answer to your toughest challenges. We believe that ‘technology for its own sake’ is not enough: we are investing time, resources, training, and certifications into those business areas that will be reshaped during next decade.

  • TV media: Traditional television providers must adapt to the new paradigm driven by high-speed internet if they hope to compete with the likes of Netflix or YouTube.
  • Automotive: The auto industry will move from connected cars towards autonomous vehicles.
  • Manufacturing-logistics: The Internet of Things (IoT) and A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) are game-changers for this sector.
  • Healthcare: Tele-diagnosis and remote surgery can be carried out through high-speed networks.
  • Education: Massive Online Open Courses (MooC) will bring a radical change for students worldwide.
  • E-gaming and E-sports: These industries are already using AR/VR tools for total customer immersion: will we keep going to physical venues in future?

Plenty of opportunities are appearing thanks to the ongoing telecom revolution, but every opportunity brings associated risks. A rise in threats such as cyber-attacks, data and integrity breaches, viruses and ransomwares, and physical/logical security are all to be expected.

Another consequence of this technological acceleration is the growing convergence between video content and ‘distribution pipes’: telecom operators must meet customer expectations by providing access to premium content such as football or basketball leagues. Conversely, broadcasters and media providers are investing in their own IT/telecom networks and devices to avoid technology dependence and to keep direct touch with end-users, as Google Fiber did recently in USA.

That’s the reason why, at Amaris, we view the Telecommunications, Media, and Entertainment industries together as one business sector, whose future evolutions are bound to benefit all actors in this T.M.E. ecosystem.


A Key Partner

As a key partner for our clients in Telecommunication, Media and Entertainment services, our teams are intervening in different areas. We are developing services and solutions for our clients, involving experts from our different business lines. This includes in particular:

Fiber Optics

Fiber optics is a major building block in telecommunications infrastructure. With several new data-heavy technologies coming to the fore (computer networks, multimedia, voice, data, video etc.), fiber optics’ wide bandwidth is the ideal solution for today’s market. The fiber optic cable market is expected to grow at CAGR of 12.26% for the next four years as a result.

At Amaris Consulting, we have several hundred resources working on fiber technologies, including fiber-to-the-home (FttH), fiber-to-the-office (FttO), or fiber-to-the-antenna (FttA). Our expertise in fiber stretches from project management to audit and compliance, as well as complete process overviews with end-to-end solution design (HLD), engineering office for low-level design (LLD), field deployment, and support integration.


Mobile-radio, or ‘wireless’, technologies have come a long way from the analog walkie-talkie to GSM 2nd generation, then UMTS 3rd, then LTE 4th, and now 5G. The coming decade will see the generalization of genuine 5G standalone core networks, service-based architecture, and sliced radio access networks.

At Amaris, we approach the field of radio communication from a 360-angle view, providing support at every stage of our clients’ journeys: program directors, project managers, architecture engineers, design and testing, supervision and maintenance engineers are just some of the role profiles we have in-house.

We have also successfully delivered several projects for IoT system integrators on various standards such as Sigfox, LoRa, 802.15.4 or NarrowBand-IoT.

Enterprise-grade Solutions

Cloud computing, and latterly mobile edge computing, has revolutionized the media and entertainment industries, enhancing flexibility and reducing costs by ratio of 10.

It is easy to predict that telecom networks will also benefit from asset-sharing methods and from the growing disaggregation between hardware and software: VNF (virtual network functions) are key to the future of enterprise communications, such as software defined networks (SD-WAN).

Recent developments such as machine-to-machine communication, mobile device management (MDM), and Factory 4.0 are gaining momentum. These innovations must, however, take place in a strictly secured environment for companies, where cyber security and SIEM tools are needed to protect corporate data, intellectual rights, and customer databases.

As a result, Amaris is actively investing in the key profiles and key telecom/media technologies of tomorrow.

Amaris Consulting has also opened Centers of Excellence dedicated to fiber optics and radio-wireless projects, in France and in Nearshore Romania and Tunisia, helping our B2B clients to design, shape, and operate their next-generation network infrastructure. Amaris is responsible for several major clients’ results in this area, with pre-agreed KPIs making our teams even more committed to customer success.

Amaris Consulting offers technical expertise and solutions across a full spectrum of Telecommunication, Media and Entertainment services.